Camera Ready Makeup Tips | Eastern NC Senior Photographer



Good afternoon !! I wanted to share some camera ready makeup tips with my seniors and teens. Especially if you have up coming senior session with me. These tips are amazing , easy to do and I also practice them myself.  So lets get started !!

 1. A clean and moisturized face is a perfect start. Also the week before your session don’t try any new products. Drink lots of water this will help hydrate your skin.

 2. Apply your makeup in natural light. That means NO bathroom light. Natural light is the best way to go because it helps you blend your foundation evenly.

 3. Primer is the base to your camera ready makeup. Pick a good primer with NO SPF.  The primer gives you a clean even base to start apply foundation and concealer.

 4. Foundation , choose a matte foundation with NO SPF. SPF can make you look shiny in your portraits. Make sure to stay away from mineral makeup. When you are applying your foundation make sure to use a sponge or brush . Don’t use your fingers it can cause you to have uneven coverage.

 5. Set your foundation with a power translucent matte power. Don’t use tinted powers.

6. Eye shadow – Play up your eyes !! Make sure to avoid shimmers or glitters. Go with matte or satin eyeshadows . Use natural shades to bring out your eyes. Dark colors can cause your eyes to look small . There are tons of eyeshadow pallets in drugstores or specialty store for every eye color. Just make sure you blend the color for the best natural look.

 7. Eyeliner -When you apply your eyeliner, less can be more. Be careful not to line the inner rim too heavily as it will create a small looking eye.

 8. Mascara, waterproof is the best choice. Using a new tube of mascara can really be helpful. You don’t have to worry about dry or clumpy lashes.

9. Blush !! I love blush it brightens up your cheeks and gives you amazing glow. For your portraits stay away from glittery or shimmery colors. Your blush should be the same shade your cheeks are when you are laughing or working out. Apply the the most vibrant part to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards. Blush should be a little heavier than normal for portraits. The camera has a tendency to make color look washed out. After you have applied your blush use a clean brush to blend more for a natural finish.

10. Lips are fun part of a session . A natural looking lips is the most flattering but a little color is fun too !! Make sure to get a natural lip pencil to line your lips.  You can use a gloss over the lip starting in the center and working your way to the corners. Again less is more.

11. When you have finshed  your look , give a final dusting of translucent powder over the face to set the look.

There you have it a camera ready makeup !! Now who’s ready for pictures ?!?!?!


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