Portriats in the Snow | Hertford, NC | Senior Portraits



Last month we all got some snow . I love snow !! I wanted to shoot some of my reps in the snow but unfortunately I was not off from my real world job in time …ugh !!!  I sent a message out to my girls that night to see if anybody would be available for Saturday morning. Two of my adorable reps could make it Samantha and Josie !!

I met everyone at Newbold -White House in Hertford, NC. Do to the warming temperature the snow was melting away.  I had to work fast !! I was able to find some spots that had snow in the trees and grass area.  I also took time for making video … it was great opportunity for more learning in this area of photography.  The girls had a great time  and I enjoyed every minute working with Samantha and Josie.  Here are some of my favorite images from Samantha and Josie snow session !!

Link to video : https://www.facebook.com/hiltsphotography/videos/





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