Hope Taylor + Workshop x Friends = Amazing Fun !!

This time last week I was in Fredericksburg, VA. I would love to be there right now it was such a cute little downtown area. I just fell in love with Fredericksburg !! I will be going back soon !



Sunday night was our meet & greet which was so much fun !! As I walked down to Hope’s studio I started to get butterflies in my stomach. It was happening , I’ve been waiting for this day since December and it was finally here!! As I approached the door to  Hope’s studio I met some of the other wonderful ladies. When the door opened there stood HOPE TAYLOR smiling looking so cute and joyful. Hope greeted  each one of us with a big smile and a warm hug. It was like we had been friends all our lives. As I walked up the steps to the studio and looked around , I was trying to hide my jaw dropping expression. Hope’s studio is just stunningly gorgeous !! I am still swooning over her studio, especially the chandeliers !! As I walked around her studio I was thinking one day SARAH you will have this too !! Hope had these beautiful fresh tulips on the table with all the tasty desserts. There were cookies with milk , cupcakes and maccarones to enjoy. We all fixed a plate of goodies and set down to talk with Hope and each other. I enjoyed listening to everyone talk about what they wanted to learn from the workshop and what they enjoyed shooting ( wedding, families ,kids, seniors , etc.).  When the meet and greet was over my roomies and I went back to the hotel full of excitement and anticipation for the next day!

My roomies Katie & Danielle 28


Monday morning I was up bright and early. I’m talking 6:00 am that’s crazy cause I am not a morning person. That’s how excited I was about the day. Then it was just killing time until the workshop started at 10:00 am. My  roomies and I all loaded up in my car and made our way down to Hope’s studio. We were all greeted with that amazing smile and warmth again. I walked up the stairs into the studio again but this time it was different. It was a class room setting and I was ready to learn. Hope had swag bags for each one of us to open. Inside was notebook , pen , timeline of the day , the cutest coffee cup , a cup full of sweet treats and card/ paper with words of encouragement.  As we all settled into our seats I got my notebook and pen ready. Hope announced that she would be doing giveaways throughout the day. Hope talked about everything business, social media, taxes and etc. there were no hold backs. It was so overwhelming all the information she was giving us. I was just sitting there like a sponge and soaking it all up. Lunch time rolled around and Hope’s mom  made the BEST MAC & CHEESE with a cute ham sandwich and other delicious sides. Once we all finished eating lunch. It was time for our style shoot and head shots !!!

We arrived at the location of the style shoot Hope had to go attend to some details  of the style shoot we started taking head shots of each other until Hope came back. Right before we all get to see the style shoot. Hope, popped each one of us in front of her camera for our head shots!!  Walking up to the style shoot area you could see the beautiful flowers, décor on the table and our models. Hope showed us her style for shooting, individuals, couples and groups. Hope also talked about how to direct your client. Hope then broke us up into groups of 4 to shoot 4 different locations with models ! I had so much fun working with my group. Each one of these talented ladies where posing and directing like bosses !! After we all made our rounds to each locations . The model’s went to change into different outfits for one last shoot. Let me just tell you these models were gorgeous! Their makeup was stunningly lovely, the fresh flowers were so vibrant and beautiful , Dear Sweet Heart Events made these spectacular flower jewelry necklaces, rings and bracelets. JUST BREATHTAKING !! The tables were decorated so beautifully and the bike had this eye-catching arrangement on the front. This style shoot did not disappoint.

After the style shoot was over we all headed back to the studio for Hope to show us her editing style. Like I said earlier she tells all no hold backs. Hope shared her preset for Lightroom , how to edit in Photoshop , Blog stomp just everything. Somewhere in the middle of edited Hope picked my name and I won Free CC Processing with Agree !! About that time Hope finished talking to us about editing Drew ( Hope’s BF) comes in the studio with these MASSIVE boxes of PIZZA from BENNY’S. The pizza boxes where so big that they covered the whole coffee table. The pizza slices needed TWO plates to hold one piece. Oh My pizza goodness !! No words can describe the cheese goodness.  Hope had told us about this pizza all day and she was so on point about this delicious pizza. As we all enjoyed the pizza  It was Q& A time. I stayed about 30 minutes for Q&A, since I had to work the next day in my real world job…ugh .  I hugged Hope goodbye and my new friends an hit the road back NC.

Once I got on the road and started driving home. All I could do was think about all the information I was just given and how to apply it to my business for success. Hope Taylor you are a bright, beautiful and very smart lady. Hope is a BOSS !! I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to attend your workshop and learn from you. Thank you so much for your generosity and honesty in the workshop. It was an amazing experience and pleasure to meet you !! Any photographer looking to attend an amazing workshop, you need to put Hope Taylor Senior Photography Workshop at the top of your list. It will change your senior photography business !!


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