Introduction Friday | North Carolina Senior Photographer | Knightdale, NC

Last Friday, I did my first #introductionfriday on Instagram about myself. It gave me this awesome idea to introduce my 2017 senior reps over the next couple of weeks. I have 3 amazing seniors representing Hilts Photography this year. I feel very lucky to have such amazing group of ladies wanting to work with me !!

This week I’m introducing Megan!! Megan is a junior right now at Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design in Knightdale, NC. Knightdale in very close to the Raleigh area. Megan is a talented artist, a section leader in the marching band and will be trying out for drum major this year. Good luck Megan ..I’m sure you will be awesome !!  I asked Megan what are some of her hobbies ? She gave me a list which I enjoyed . From drawing, to hunting ,to reading and volunteer work. One of my questions that I put on the rep  application form is :  Tell me where you see yourself in 5 years ? Megan’s answer : Entering my final year of premed, preparing to take my MCAT and start applying to graduate schools. Megan would like to attend Meredith or State for college. I also asked, Who is your role model and why ? Megan’s answer: My role model would be my mother. She has inspired me to always seek my dreams and to find worth in myself and not by how others see me. Megan, I can’t wait to see you reach all your goals girl !!

In February , Megan came to Hertford for the 2017 Senior rep meeting. It was a cold day, I wanted to do her rep shots while she was here in town. Once the meeting was over we head to downtown Hertford for rep shots.  It was so cold outside I couldn’t tell if my fingers where clicking the camera button. Megan was a great sport about shooting in the cold and she rocked her shoot. When I got home and upload her images , can I just say … GORGEOUS !! Megan has beautiful red hair with these stunning blue eyes and fair skin I cannot wait until May for her senior session !!  Which means I am going to Knightdale !! I’m so EXCITED to have Megan on my rep team and I look forward to our year and half together. Below are a few of Megan’s rep shots!!

megan blogmegan 3megan Blog 1megan 4


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