Apps I use for #BTS photos and videos

A lot of senior photographers do behind the scenes (#bts) photos or videos at their senior sessions. This is were Snapchat , Instagram and Periscope come in handy. It’s something that I am trying to incorporate more into my senior sessions.

Personally , I love Snapchat for this type of interaction. Snapchat is a very popular app with teens and some adults . Senior photographers have learned how to use this amazing app to showcase their style and personality. You cannot fake your personality on video , so teens get to see the real you. Recently I did a snow session with my 2016 reps. Since , I was busy shooting photos. I gave my phone to my reps to Snapchat photos or videos. When you go to post on Snapchat make sure you post the videos or photos in MY STORY , that way it will run for 24hrs and your clients can replay their senior session for friends or family.

Instagram, is one another great app for behind the scenes photos. On Instagram you can post a 15sec video or photo. I use Instagram first to post a picture or video stating that we are about to start  _____ senior session. You can follow along on Snapchat for #bts videos/photos. When the senior session is finished post another #bts photo and write a post about the session or a fun moment you had with your senior. It’s just another great way to connect with your followers.

Periscope is a new app for me. I have not really used Periscope that much in my business. Periscope is a powerful tool to communicate with other photographers. It allows you to video your session from 10secs, 30mins or even longer. If you have followers they can ask questions or comment while you are directing your client. This interaction can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. Your video will run for 24 hours.  If you are busy during your session and cannot respond to all question or comments. Just replay the video write down the questions with answers. Then do a follow-up scope later that day or night with your answers.

Snapchat and Instagram are my go to apps. I hope to incorporate Periscope into my #bts  this year. Below are some #bts photos from some of my senior sessions. You can follow me on these apps at :

Snapchat : Hilts Photography

Instagram :

Photo credit to Cindy Hall

Photo credit to Dawn Wolff

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