Hilts Photography 2016 Senior Reps are Graduating !!! | Eastern North Carolina Senior Photographer

Oh My Goodness!! I can not believe my 2016 Reps are graduating?!?! I have LOVED working with A’livia , Courtney and Samantha this year !! Where has the time gone ??  I know your parents feel the same away. These three beautiful ladies are the first senior reps of Hilts Photography and I am truly thankful for each one of them.  I know they all have a bright future ahead of them and I feel very blessed to have been apart of their senior year.

Thank you ladies for being amazing 2016 Reps for Hilts Photography !! I am so proud of each one of you !!

You’re Off To Great Places

Today Is Your Day

Your Mountain Is Waiting So Get On Your Way

– Dr. Seuss 

Congratulation A’livia , Courtney and Samantha Class of 2016 !!!

Here are some of my favorite images from each 2016 Senior Rep!!!

Make sure to show these awesome ladies some love and Congratulations !!!

A’livia – Northeastern High School Class of 2016


Courtney – Indian River High School Class of 2016


Samantha – Perquimans County High School Class of 2016



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