How to Prepare for Your Senior Portrait Session | Hertford North Carolina Senior Photographer

Seniors, I have put together a list on how to prepare for your senior session. These tips will in fact help you be organize and ready for your BIG day !! If you follow all these awesome tips it will save you the headache of running around you bedroom trying to find your outfits, accessories and etc. I want you to be rested and relaxed the day of your senior session.


1.  The week before your senior session, start putting your outfits together. Even try  your outfits on , to make its the look you want for your portraits. You should at least bring 4 outfits for your session.

out fits

  • Pick out bright/ bold colors to help standout in your portraits.
  • Add layers to your outfits to give dimension to your images.
  • Be a little adventurous in your outfit choices
  • Make sure you are comfortable in your outfits
  • Make sure your clothes are clean , ironed and on hangers
  • Ladies, make sure to wear nude underwear
  • Guys – jeans are great just bring different shirts

2.  When putting together your outfits don’t forget to accessorize !!acc

  • With each outfit, get a little baggy and put your earrings, necklace and etc.. Attach the bag to the hanger.
  • Don’t forget shoes !!!
  • Hats and belts – guys / girls
  • Guys if you wear a watch.. bring it!!

3.   Ladies, if you are thinking about eyebrows or spray tans, do them a week before your   senior session.  HiltsPhotography4thofJulyShoot-85

4.  Manicures and pedicures are great idea. Just keep your color natural.

5. If you are getting hair and makeup done professionally call a week before your session to confirm your time. You don’t want to be late for your appointment and senior session !! htpworkshop-69 (2)

6. If you’re bring props to your session. Make sure to gather your items and put them in bag beside your outfits.props

  • Sports equipment
  • Flowers
  • Car / truck
  • Anything that represents you

7. Make sure to bring your make-up bag in case of touch ups.lips

  • lips gloss
  • hair spray
  • brush
  • make-up for touch ups

8. Guys , if you have facial hair make sure to shave or have it trimmed/ edged.guys

  • guys bring chap stick for dry lips

9. Bring comfortable shoes to walk-in, from location to location.

10. Last, get a good night sleep. Because we are going to have so much fun the next day you will need your energy !!

If you are a 2017 Senior I am currently booking for fall senior sessions !! You can email for more information. I look forward to talking with you !!

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