A couple of weeks ago I felt very adventurous and really wanted to try out this idea I saw on Pinterest. It was a milk bath … most photographers shoot them inside the house or studio with lots of natural pretty light. Since I didn’t have either one. I went and purchased a kiddie pool to use for my shoot. There’s a lot of different ways to make a milk bath … I went with the powder creamer and mixed it hot water then poured it into the pool. I made a flower crown and added the left over flower tops to the water. I would not add the flower tops to the water until you are ready to shoot. They seem to get heavy and sink the longer they’re in the water. I also purchased a really small pool, I think a larger one would work much better.

Now, all I needed was a model!!  Courtney is one of my 2017 Senior Reps. She was glad to help me out in this new adventure. I also picked one of the hottest days to do this shoot…ugh!! Don’t worry Courtney was chillin in the pool with cool milk water 🙂 I was the one sweating my butt off…lol!! Courtney did awesome job and I am glad she was able to help me in this adventure. I absolutely LOVE the way the images turned out.  I can’t wait to do another milk bath shoot !!! Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot !!  HILTSPHOTOGRAPHYMILKBATHSENIORSESSION-3HILTSPHOTOGRAPHYMILKBATHSENIORSESSION-4HILTSPHOTOGRAPHYMILKBATHSENIORSESSION-10HILTSPHOTOGRAPHYMILKBATHSENIORSESSION-8HILTSPHOTOGRAPHYMILKBATHSENIORSESSION-5HILTSPHOTOGRAPHYMILKBATHSENIORSESSION-6HILTSPHOTOGRAPHYMILKBATHSENIORSESSION-2HILTSPHOTOGRAPHYMILKBATHSENIORSESSION-7HILTSPHOTOGRAPHYMILKBATHSENIORSESSION-9

Thanks again Courtney you did awesome job !!! To book  a 2017 senior session or for more details click the link HILTSPHOTOGRAPHY.



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