I just love shooting guy senior sessions they are so much fun !!! I really enjoy working with Douglas, he was so laid back and chilled. I met Douglas and his mom at Pasquotank- Nixonton Volunteer Fire Department for the first part of his senior session. This was a lot fun because as we where taking pictures with the fire truck. Douglas was telling me all about the fire truck and the equipment on the truck. Douglas has been going to COA this summer for EMS and has his state test pretty soon. I wish him the best luck on he test !!

Next stop was downtown Elizabeth City. I really enjoy shooting in the downtown area. You can always find some amazing spots for some cool shots. Douglas, really let is style and personality show in these downtown images. I loved the part of Douglas session where it involved smoke grenades and IGBTQ flag. I absolutely LOVE how those images turned out!! Douglas has a love for photography too, so I did a couple of images with his camera. We warp up his session with some cool urban images.

Douglas, have amazing senior year and good luck with EMS. It was an honor to capture his senior portraits. Here are some of my favorite images from Douglas senior session. Douglas Senior Portraits-1Douglas Senior Portraits-2Douglas Senior Portraits-4Douglas Senior Portraits-3Douglas Senior Portraits-5Douglas Senior Portraits-6Douglas Senior Portraits-9Douglas Senior Portraits-8Douglas Senior Portraits-7Douglas Senior Portraits-10Douglas Senior Portraits-12Douglas Senior Portraits-14Douglas Senior Portraits-17Douglas Senior Portraits-16Douglas Senior Portraits-18Douglas Senior Portraits-21Douglas Senior Portraits-20Douglas Senior Portraits-19Douglas Senior Portraits-22 Douglas Senior Portraits-23Douglas Senior Portraits-26Douglas Senior Portraits-25Douglas Senior Portraits-27Douglas Senior Portraits-28Douglas Senior Portraits-29Douglas Senior Portraits-30Douglas Senior Portraits-33Douglas Senior Portraits-31Douglas Senior Portraits-34Douglas Senior Portraits-35Douglas Senior Portraits-39Douglas Senior Portraits-38Douglas Senior Portraits-41Douglas Senior Portraits-36Douglas Senior Portraits-32Douglas Senior Portraits-40Douglas Senior Portraits-37Douglas Senior Portraits-42


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